We strongly believe that in order for an organization to succeed, it has to be directed in a systematic and transparent manner. This can only be achieved in the light of implementation of a management system which is designed for continual improvement of the organization and the one that takes both internal and external needs into account. To do so, considering the significance of defining, implementing, managing, continual improvement and effectiveness of processes needed in quality management, Isfahan Kafriz adopted and implemented the quality management system in 2008 and acquired ISO9001 certificate from SGS of Switzerland.

Quality Control:
The quality control department is comprised of highly-trained personnel who try their bests to ensure customers of receiving high quality products. Quality control is performed in three different phases:
  1. Input control
  2. On-line control
  3. Output control  
All kinds of necessary tests defined by international standards can be carried out in reliable and accurate laboratories, including:
Mechanical Test (Tensile, Impact and Hardness Tests)
Metallographic Tests (Grain size, Cleanliness, Microstructure)
Non-destructive Tests: (VT, UT, MPT/PT)
Finally a quality certificate presenting all test results in comparison to the relevant standard requirements is issued in accordance with DIN EN 10204 3.2.