isfahan Kafriz

The first national manufacturer of monoblock wheels

railway tyres for freight wagons, passenger cars, locomotive, and city trains

Isfahan Kafriz Company

Isfahan Kafriz Company has started its activity since 1984 and during these 37 years, the company has been active in so many fields:

  • Water Industry
  • Oil and Gas Industry
  • Petrochemical
  • Railway Industry
  • And Renewable Energy Industry

The firm has always stressed the two concepts of innovation and quality, as evidenced by the first-in-country manufacture of tower flanges for wind turbines and the first-in-country manufacturing of closures for high-pressure hoses.

Quality control of Isfahan Kafriz

The Isfahan Kafriz Company currently has advanced tools and exact control of all quality criteria, allowing it to meet the highest European standards and attain the ISO17025 certification, which is the most essential laboratory standard. We are one of the country’s most prominent railway testing laboratories.

Railway Tyres for Freight Wagons

Passenger Cars – Locomotives – City Trains


Monoblock wheels national manufacturer

based on internationally recognized specifications

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